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Chemical News

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This feed brings you up-to-the-minute news from C&EN, including daily coverage of the chemistry enterprise, our latest videos and podcasts, and our award-winning feature-length chemistry reporting.
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Chemist is convicted of stealing BPA-free can-liner trade secrets for a Chinese firm

1 maggio, 2021 - 00:32
Xiaorong You took confidential information from Coca-Cola and 7 chemical firms, prosecutors say

Biden nominating 3 people to the US Chemical Safety Board

30 aprile, 2021 - 23:59
Sylvia Johnson, Steve Owens, and Jennifer Sass have strong chemical science backgrounds but lack industrial experience

Time's up for chlorpyrifos on food in the US

30 aprile, 2021 - 23:03
Court orders EPA to ban organophosphate pesticide on food or modify exposure limits

Method offers new approach to DNA data storage

30 aprile, 2021 - 01:19
Origami and superresolution microscopy team up for digital data writing and reading

Scientists find elusive SF<sub>6</sub><sup>+</sup>

30 aprile, 2021 - 00:12
Helium nanodroplets allow detection of the fragile cation

Chemists elected to the National Academy of Sciences for 2021

30 aprile, 2021 - 00:10
American Chemical Society members are among the honorees

Chemistry in Pictures: Star cluster

30 aprile, 2021 - 00:10

Lonza to build mRNA and small-molecule plants in Visp

29 aprile, 2021 - 19:49
Swiss site will double production of COVID-19 vaccine active ingredient for Moderna

Capsida raises $140 million for targeted AAV gene therapies

29 aprile, 2021 - 06:00
AbbVie is partnering with the Caltech spin-off for gene therapies for neurodegenerative diseases

What's in marshmallows, and how do the ingredients work together to make ooey-gooey treats?

29 aprile, 2021 - 06:00
Marshmallows are made of only 3 things, and they come together in a complex chemical dance to make your taste buds sing

Sensor sheds light on hallucinogenic activity

29 aprile, 2021 - 06:00
Modified receptor differentiates psychedelics from similar compounds that don't cause hallucinations

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