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Chemical News

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This feed brings you up-to-the-minute news from C&EN, including daily coverage of the chemistry enterprise, our latest videos and podcasts, and our award-winning feature-length chemistry reporting.
Updated: 4 weeks 3 days ago

Mitsubishi to work on CO2 to methanol

11 April, 2020 - 02:22

AGC will expand Spanish API facility

11 April, 2020 - 02:22

How susceptible is your cat or dog to the novel coronavirus?

10 April, 2020 - 22:08
Cats can transmit SARS-CoV-2 to one another, but the virus replicates poorly in dogs, pigs, chickens, and ducks, study finds

Merdad Parsey on building a case for remdesivir amid the coronavirus pandemic

10 April, 2020 - 21:31
Gilead's Chief Medical Officer talks about the challenges of clinical design in the time of COVID-19

Podcast: The chemist who helped save Apollo 13

10 April, 2020 - 18:00
<i>Stereo Chemistry</i> reveals the surprising origin story of the engine that brought the Apollo 13 astronauts home and the man who designed it

Speedy method for 3-D printed electronics

10 April, 2020 - 17:37
Flexible approach involves coating complex objects with a variety of materials

Get ready for a potential chemistry job crisis

10 April, 2020 - 06:00
Whatever COVID-19 does to chemical employment, it's wise to start preparing your career emergency kit

New bonds predicted in actinide complexes

10 April, 2020 - 02:44
Phi and delta orbital interactions could improve nuclear waste management

Virus weakens markets for renewable energy

10 April, 2020 - 00:50
Industries press pause on steep growth trajectory

Industry requests safety review of cyclic siloxane

9 April, 2020 - 23:43
US EPA considers evaluating risks of D4 under the Toxic Substances Control Act

Coronavirus puts science to the test

9 April, 2020 - 22:52
A new generation of technologies being used for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of COVID-19 will be pressure tested amid a pandemic

US EPA advances rollbacks while coronavirus pandemic rages

9 April, 2020 - 18:15
Work continues on chemical risks, climate, and what data regulators may consider

Clinical trial for ruxolitinib planned in fight against COVID-19

9 April, 2020 - 06:00
Treatment for rare blood cancers could temper cytokine storm in people with severe forms of the disease

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